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Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management specialises in providing a range of advisory and investment services to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Managing over $1.8 billion in client funds, our experts know the best way to protect and grow your wealth. Our highly qualified practitioners and specialist chartered accountancy personnel provide clients with professional investment advice, executed through well-planned financial strategies and structures.

Our services

The key services we provide at Pitcher Partners are as follows:

  • Employee Share Plan and Share Scheme Advice
  • Tax and Structuring Advice
  • Wealth Creation Advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • Debt Reduction Advice
  • Sophisticated Superannuation Advice
  • Estate Planning Advice
  • Investment Management
  • Ongoing Advisory Services
  • Investment Structuring Advice
  • Asset Protection
  • Lending Services (Residential, Commercial and Asset Finance)

Strategic planning specialists

As part of our comprehensive Wealth Management offering, we ensure that our clients’ investments are structured in the most tax effective and secure way. This process involves structuring investment ownership, borrowings and income flows in the most suitable manner for the client

We bring to this process a detailed knowledge of taxation laws, the superannuation and pensions environment and investment structures including trusts. We assess a client’s total position and are able to provide advice on all tax and structuring issues, and give strategic sophisticated recommendations.

Our advice is always provided with specific regard to an individual’s asset protection requirements and succession issues.

Investments specialists

The Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management team are continuously researching and analysing investments, strategies and investment opportunities, with a view to creating investment portfolios which offer security, income flows and strong long term capital growth.

We offer clients the ability to invest in:

  • Direct share portfolios
  • ASX Listed property portfolios
  • ASX Listed hybrid portfolios
  • Investment bearing securities
  • Wholesale and retail managed fund portfolios
  • International managed funds
  • Self-managed superannuation and pension funds
  • Employer superannuation funds
  • Annuities and pensions
  • Direct property
  • Alternative asset classes

Experts in ongoing advisory and compliance services

Our services include ongoing advice in relation to the investment management of an investment portfolio, and the ongoing requirements from a tax and structuring perspective.

We will work with you to ensure that all your investment needs are met, and provide ongoing advice as to the appropriate streaming of income from different entities.

What’s more, we constantly keep abreast of the changes in the economic and legislative landscape to ensure you are always provided with relevant and sophisticated advice.

Experts in Estate Planning

Estate planning is probably best defined as ensuring that the right assets pass at the right time to the right beneficiaries.

Estate Planning is far more complex than most people believe. Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management understands the Estate Planning issues commonly faced by executives. We can identify important issues that you may not have considered and provide guidance to ensure your Estate Planning needs can be met as simply as possible. We can also help you to identify your key Estate Planning objectives and suggest tailored appropriate strategies.

Experts in Employee Share Schemes

As advisors to many corporate clients on designing and implementing employee share and incentive schemes, and in addition to administering such plans on behalf of clients, we offer sophisticated planning advice to executives on how to maximise the net benefit of your short and long term incentives.

In addition, we can provide advice on how best to structure your holdings for the longer term in order to achieve your wealth objectives.

Lending Services

Pitcher Partners mortgage and finance broking services make it easy to find the right loan or leasing solution for your needs.

For individuals – home and investment mortgages and personal loans

  • Owner occupier mortgages
  • Investment property loans
  • Refinancing
  • Bridging loans
  • Debt simplification
  • Foreign investor loans
  • SMSF property purchasing

For businesses – commercial loans and leasing finance

  • Commercial and property loans
  • Financing and refinancing
  • Debt consolidation
  • Vehicle, equipment and commercial property leasing
  • Cash flow funding

Sourcing the right financial partner is crucial for achieving your personal and business goals. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time home buyer, a successful business owner or a self-funded retiree, we can help you find the best value package from the most suitable provider on our panel of approved lenders.

Sydney advisers are authorised representatives of Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management Pty Ltd (ABN 85 135 817 766) (AFSL 336950)

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