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Strategic Board and Governance Advisory

In today’s complex and regulated corporate environment, it is crucial for organisations to receive an independent and commercially sound overview of their performance for increased integrity and credibility.

One of the challenges of being on a company board is getting an independent view of the organisation’s financial situation, performance, potential and risk profile. Pitcher Partners has had more than 20 years’ experience working with the directors, boards and advisory boards for companies and organisations of all types and sizes. We have a breadth of commercial experience across a wide range of industries along with a depth of expertise in areas of technical specialisation such as corporate reporting, tax and accounting standards, transaction and strategy advice and risk, all of which is at your disposal.  

Pitcher Partners can act as a sounding board for directors and stakeholders and offer a view of an organisation and its plans independent of internal or other external advisors. You can tap into our expertise to provide yourself or your board with an objective view of an organisation’s finances and governance to support sound decision-making.  

The value of the services we offer include:

  • improved decision-making based on sound financial information,
  • confirmation of information provided by advisors or management,
  • the ability to prepare annual financial reports and other corporate documents with independently verified information,
  • knowing compliance issues have been covered based on up to date knowledge of legislative and regulatory issues,
  • identification of material weaknesses and risks in internal controls 
  • appropriate management strategies for business improvement, and
  • increased comfort for lenders or other external stakeholders that can lead to improved funding opportunities.

So if you:

  • have a technical accounting, tax or governance question,
  • or your board feel you need a second opinion,
  • are preparing for acquisition or sale,
  • are experiencing substantial growth or decline,
  • have a change in management, control, structure, shareholding or jurisdiction,
  • need financial accounts or other reports prepared and your accountants have a conflict, 
  • have never had an external review previously, 
  • have new directors to bring up to speed, and/or
  • are feeling uncomfortable or just do not know what you do not know,

Pitcher Partners Strategic Board and Governance Advisory can help.

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