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Internal Audit

Organisations, like the business and regulatory landscapes in which they operate, are constantly evolving and need to continuously seek ways to improve and operate more efficiently and effectively, while minimising the risks associated with change.

In this dynamic environment, internal audit is essential to aiding an organisation achieve its performance and objectives.  With each change comes the potential for new risk exposures, control gaps, regulatory violations and operational inefficiencies.  Through a process of self-discovery, an organisation has the ability to take corrective action to address key business risks as well as the design, efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and controls.

Our clients seek to achieve and surpass their organisational goals, through comprehensive internal audit assessments that take full account of risk management strategies, to help minimise organisational exposure.

Their risks need to be mitigated which is why they rely on the expertise of an internal auditor who can appropriately assess their enterprise risks and potential impact on their business and evaluate any controls they may put in place to manage and reduce those risks.

Through the delivery of better practice analysis, business process flowcharts and a unique business reporting approach, Pitcher Partners focuses on identifying risks and issues our clients may not be aware of, opportunities they may not have recognised, solutions they may not have contemplated and identify strengths that can be leveraged elsewhere.

That’s why our clients have come to appreciate the depth of our experience and specialisation across diverse industries and benefitted from our approach to internal audit.  Their senior management personnel work closely with us and know we will retain the highest level of independence and objectivity for their maximum business benefits and organisational value.

Clients desire to work with internal auditors, like Pitcher Partners, who take on the role as facilitators of change, at the organisational and business process level.  They need their internal audit to be strongly solutions driven, and that is exactly what Pitcher Partners offers, ensuring each recommendation is well thought out, practical, attainable and targeted to address the underlying cause of individual issues and exposures.

Everything an organisation does inherently involves associated risks, but through consistent and reliable governance and control mechanisms, organisational exposure is minimised.  Clients know a Pitcher Partners internal audit will deliver the right practical risk management solution for maximum efficiency, effectiveness and value.

Our Internal Audit services include:

  • Risk assessments, management and strategies including enterprise and environmental risks
  • Internal process and control reviews, monitoring and tracking
  • Corporate governance
  • Comprehensive data mining and data analysis
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting

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