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Professional Background

Alexis is a partner in the Tax Advisory division at Pitcher Partners with over 19 years experience providing taxation advice to a large number of corporate clients.

Alexis leads the Pitcher Partners’ national association’s Tax Technical division and is heavily involved in consultations with the Australian Taxation Office and the Federal Treasury.
He has been a member of the Board of Taxation Advisory Panel, which has reviewed and provided advice to the Government on the new Managed Investment Trust Regime, the Collective Investment Vehicle Regime, the review of the Trust Provisions, the Tax Consolidation Regime review (including the Rights to Future Income interim review) and more recently the review of Division 7A.

Alexis joined Pitcher Partners in 2010 having been a partner in a Big Four accounting practice. In his previous role, Alexis specialised in corporate taxation issues, focusing on finance
and investment and tax consolidation. Alexis is a frequent speaker on corporate taxation topics.

Industry Experience

  • Funds management
  • Property

Memberships & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) (RMIT University)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA)
  • Affiliate of the Taxation Institute of Australia
  • Member of and former Chair of the Tax Technical Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA)
  • Australian Taxation Office Liaison Groups - member of: - National Tax Liaison Group (NTLG) Main Group - NTLG Consolidations Sub Group - NTLG Finance and Investment Sub Group - NTLG Taxation of Financial Arrangements Sub Group - NTLG Division 7A Sub Group
  • Board of Taxation - member of: - MIT Review - Collective Investment Vehicles Review - Tax Consolidation Review - Division 7A Review,

Articles Published

JobKeeper 2.0: Commissioner's tests for determining higher or lower payment rate

22nd September 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

Businesses will be required to assess the rate of payment for each employee or business participant based on hours worked (and paid leave) during ...

Rules for JobKeeper 2.0 now released

16th September 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

The extended scheme will apply at a top rate of $1,200 per JobKeeper fortnight until 3 January 2021, dropping to $1,000 until 28 March 2021. Lower...

Employers may need to obtain decline in turnover certificate under Fair Work Act

9th September 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

To do so, affected businesses must obtain a certificate issued by a qualified accountant, registered tax agent or BAS agent that demonstrates the ...

New JobKeeper rules now in effect

18th August 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

No amendments have yet been made to extend the scheme beyond its current end date of 27 September 2020. .. Which employees are now eligible? Fr...

Revisions to JobKeeper 2.0 following Victoria lockdown

7th August 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

In response to submissions from Pitcher Partners and other advisers, as well as Victoria-based associations, the Federal Government has signalled ...

July economic and fiscal update and what it means for the middle market

24th July 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

However, the reality is that COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, a major impact on the domestic economy, unemployment, debt and GDP into ...

JobKeeper 2.0 - Government extends payment scheme

22nd July 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

The extended scheme will apply at a top rate of $1,200 per JobKeeper fortnight until 3 January 2021, then dropping to $1,000 until 28 March 2021. ...

Trusts at risk of incorrect distributions with significant tax consequences

25th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) retains its view that trusts must determine a cap on the ‘income of the trust estate’ that can be distri...

The effect of corporate tax rate changes on year-end tax planning

19th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

Depending on whether entities can access the lower rates, this may impact the overall tax payable by the group, and may also have an impact on fra...

Year-end tax planning and the impacts of COVID-19

17th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

This guide is broken down into two main sections. In section A, we cover the critical issues of trust distributions, Division 7A and franked dist...

Year-end taxation and reporting for managed funds

12th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

In addition, and in light of the ATO’s recent announcement regarding the likely commencement of managed investment trust (MIT) and attribution m...

JobKeeper Frequently asked questions

11th May 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] For the latest information please refer to official channels below. Visit Australian Taxation...

JobKeeper payment payroll tax relief announced

6th May 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

Under the Victorian measures, any top-up payments - that is, additional payments to employees earning less than $1,500 per fortnight that bridge t...

JobKeeper rules extended to cover certain employment entities

5th May 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

This modified test can apply where the basic test is not already satisfied. The test provides for a grouping of the 'turnover' of test members wit...

JobKeeper - Applying the integrity rule to service entity and other arrangements

4th May 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

Importantly, the ATO has labelled certain arrangements as a 'low risk' of deploying compliance resources where they are in response to entities be...

JobKeeper - alternative decline in turnover tests

24th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

The alternative tests apply in the following cases: * commencement of a business; * acquisition or disposal of a business; * business restructu...

Government coronavirus stimulus package to assist businesses with cashflow

16th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] The measures have the potential to provide significant cash flow to business taxpayers in th...

COVID-19 stimulus package to support individuals

16th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] *Read: Federal Government announces second COVID-19 economic stimulus plan [2]* Below, we ...

ATO issues integrity warning to employers over PAYG withholding cash flow boost

16th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] The new legislation was introduced into law with an integrity rule, which can result in an e...

Understanding JobKeeper payments

16th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] Under the JobKeeper subsidy, eligible employers will receive $1,500 (before tax) per employe...

JobKeeper legislation introduced

16th April 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

*/Return to the COVID-19 news and updates hub/* [1] The package of legislation to introduce the JobKeeper scheme was tabled in Parliament. The p...

Seek guidance when executing a new Division 7A loan agreement where loan agreements already exist

2nd July 2019

Alexis Kokkinos

/Do not hesitate to contact your Pitcher Partners representative to review these arrangements and determine how the AAT’s views on this election...

Family trust elections made before year end may be invalid

28th June 2019

Alexis Kokkinos

/If you are a member of a family trust that has needed to make an interim distribution to family members during the 2019 financial year and one or...

Time is running out to apply transitional rules affecting application of MIT concessional withholding rate

21st June 2019

Alexis Kokkinos

Legislation passed in April 2019 may mean that a higher withholding tax rate of 30% (previously 15%) may apply to managed investment trust (“MIT...

Tax planning toolkit for 30 June 2019

11th June 2019

Alexis Kokkinos

.. A. About the toolkit The tax planning toolkit is split into several sections, covering income, deductions, individuals, trusts, companies, par...

Property funds unlikely to use new corporate collective investment vehicle regime

25th January 2019

Alexis Kokkinos

-------- A. WHAT IS THE KEY CONCERN WITH THE CCIV REGIME? -------------------- The Treasury has released draft legislation on the new corporate co...

Treasury releases new "anti-business" Division 7A proposals

2nd November 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

Instead of amending the law to reduce compliance for business taxpayers, consistent with the proposals in the government's 2016 Budget announcemen...

AIIR changes for 30 June 2018 for managed funds

29th October 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

Starting 1 July 2017, new rules apply that require third parties to report on transactions concerning units in unit trusts (under item 7 of the ta...

Proposed R&D rules are outdated and will hold Australia back

12th September 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

.. Overview Exposure Draft (“*ED*”) legislation was released by Treasury on proposed amendments to the research and development (“*R&D*”)...

Decision turns class trusts and contributory mortgage schemes upside down for tax purposes

14th August 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

.. How are such Class Trusts or Contributory Mortgage Schemes typically treated? Many fund managers and trustees have historically treated clas...

Tax planning toolkit for 30 June 2018

15th June 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

.. *A. About the toolkit* The tax planning toolkit is split into a number of sections, covering income, deductions, individuals, trusts, companie...

Sandbox A Winner For Fintech Startups

5th June 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

“The biggest issue we see when dealing with clients in the fintech startup space is that, put simply, they’re cash poor. “The regulatory re...

Unregistered managed funds need to consider electing into the AMIT regime from 1 July 2017 – time is almost up!

21st September 2017

Alexis Kokkinos

.. It is therefore critical for MITs who have not yet elected into the regime to consider this as a priority and act now! .... Why should I act...

Will the new corporate vehicle for managed funds replace trusts?

14th September 2017

Alexis Kokkinos

In a nutshell, the new regime will allow flow-through taxation using a corporate vehicle for collective investment.  Whether the new regime will ...

June FinTech Compliance Forum

26th June 2017

Alexis Kokkinos

Our guest speaker at the event was Mr Brett Challans - Director of Innovation for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), who spoke about the latest...

Tax planning toolkit for 30 June 2017

9th June 2017

Alexis Kokkinos

.. A. About the toolkit The tax planning toolkit is split into a number of sections, covering income, deductions, trusts, companies, partnerships...

Are you ready for the new common reporting standard (CRS)?

25th May 2017

Alexis Kokkinos

.. Overview From 1 July 2017, Australian Financial Institutions will need to start applying the Common Reporting Standard (“*CRS*”) in Austr...

SME focus on the Crowd Sourced Equity Funding Bill

25th November 2016

Alexis Kokkinos

The Government has listened to the Senate Submission made by Pitcher Partners (read our submission [1]), and has made the Bill (click here [2]) mo...

Transitional Tax Cuts Leave SME Owners Paying More Tax

12th September 2016

Alexis Kokkinos

“There is a problem that creates a higher tax burden for SMEs moving to the new company tax rates,” said Kokkinos. “Whilst the Government i...

Potential extension for amending your trust deed for the AMIT regime - must read!

15th June 2016

Alexis Kokkinos

.... A. Why is an extension of time required? In order to be eligible to elect into the AMIT regime, a qualifying Fund must be one where the inve...

The New Tax Regime For Managed Investment Trusts Is Here - Are You Ready?

30th May 2016

Alexis Kokkinos

The new Attribution Managed Investment Trust (*AMIT*) legislation has now passed into law.  The new provisions can be early adopted by qualifying...

Innovation tax incentives introduced

20th April 2016

Alexis Kokkinos

Despite the unimaginative name, its pages set out new laws that, if passed, will make innovation, risk-taking and entrepreneurship the cornerstone...

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