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By John Brazzale - June 29, 2020

Client care and support is more important than ever as businesses and individuals navigate unprecedented challenges and newfound opportunities.

We welcome and congratulate our newest partners and commend them for their ongoing commitment to making business personal for our valued clients.

Below we ask them about their career journeys, what making business personal means to them and their advice for aspiring professionals.

Chris Hanna

Principal - Private Business & Family Advisory | Pitcher Partners Adelaide

“Every interaction is an opportunity to make business personal. I take time to consider the issues and situations my clients are facing from their point of view and draw on my own personal experience, or that of my other clients, to help understand the situation and how I can provide sound advice.”

Why Pitcher Partners? I have been fortunate to work with fantastic clients with which I now have great relationships. I’ve also had access to national training programs that have provided opportunities for growth, networking and to broaden my thinking.

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Cheryl Mason

Partner - Audit and Assurance | Pitcher Partners Brisbane

“Pitcher Partners has provided me with a platform to grow – both my career and personally. The firm has made my career journey personal over the past 12 years. It's a place where I’ve felt at home and at the same time challenged to become the professional I am today.”

What does making business personal mean to you? Making business personal means engaging with clients in an authentic way – by taking the time to listen, provide quality service and advice, and work together to meet their business objectives.

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Kieran Wallis

Partner – Corporate Finance | Pitcher Partners Brisbane

“I work with many great businesses and businesspeople in my role and it is inspiring and affirming to know I have made a personal contribution to their success.”

What’s your advice to aspiring professionals? Know your stuff - technical proficiency is the foundation of all client interactions.

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David Bedford

Partner – Investment Advisory | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

Making business personal means asking how your client is really going, taking interest in their circumstances and exploring options to deliver great outcomes. I recently replaced a client’s hall light when at her house. I think that counts as personal!”

What’s your advice to aspiring professionals? Take responsibility for your career - don't wait for others to hand it to you.

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Peter Lawrence

Partner - Private Business & Family Advisory | Pitcher Partners Newcastle

“Making business personal means looking beyond the numbers and the business, and really getting to know the people and story behind the business. This helps to provide the right advice and build strong, long-term relationships.”

Why Pitcher Partners? Pitcher Partners has a strong national brand that attracts complex and interesting clients and work. The size of the firm makes it ideal, with many opportunities for growth and progression without being just another number. The firm supports you to expand your knowledge, draw on resources within the network, and work with interesting and varied clients.

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Jake Berger

Partner - Private Business & Family Advisory | Pitcher Partners Sydney

“Making business personal is all about framing the situation through the client's eyes instead of your own. Perspectives are often different, and sometimes competing. Taking the time to understand the client, what motivates them and what they care about allows you to provide more personalised service.”

What’s your advice to aspiring professionals? Use your earlier years to increase your exposure to as many different professional experiences as possible - then use later years to focus on those experiences for which you have a natural affinity.

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