Experienced ambassador | Kumbi Mukaro

February 8, 2019

Kumbi Mukaro

Manager, Superannuation

Empowerment advocate and super portfolio management extraordinaire

It is said that to achieve your dreams, you must set aside your doubts and create your own opportunities. It was Kumbi Mukaro’s certainty about her vision for her future that drove her to write down her goals, and place a nervous call to Pitcher Partners in 2009.

Despite arriving in Australia at the tender age of 17, Zimbabwean-born Kumbi had a clear dream about a future life and career in Australia. She would get into Flinders University, pursue her passion for numbers, and get a job with middle-market accounting and professional services firm Pitcher Partners.

“I was so gung ho and ready to go into practice when I graduated. I was very particular about joining Pitcher Partners,” she says. However, nervous and uncertain when it came to making her dream a reality, she left nothing to chance. Writing a script, she called Pitcher Partners and read out her name and the questions she had prepared about the Graduate Program. She didn’t get in, but was undeterred.

To build up her skills in the meantime, Kumbi joined a smaller accounting firm in Adelaide. “I thought in a corporate environment, someone would hand me confidence on a platter – that ability to just push nervousness and anxiety out of the way. It didn’t happen.” However, one year later, she made a bolder call to Pitcher Partners even though there were no jobs being advertised. A long conversation led to a surprising result: the firm created a position just for her. Her determination – “I wanted what I wanted” – had paid off.

Since joining Pitcher Partners, Kumbi has completed an Emerging Leaders program, which was another pivotal step in instilling confidence in her abilities. In 2012, she relocated from Adelaide to Melbourne, leveraging Pitcher Partners’ national association of independent firms to land a role with Pitcher Partners Melbourne. Kumbi now specialises in superannuation and manages a portfolio of over 150 clients of varying sizes.

Outside of work, Kumbi is driven to empower others. She participated in personal development program Incubate, helping people of African descent increase their confidence and skills, and designed and ran a mentorship program for young girls named DreamSeed. Asked teasingly by a firm director what qualifications she had to lead such a project, she answered seriously: “Just my heart”. Inspired by her response, the partner visited the group in Footscray and ran a workshop.

Kumbi is also committed to personal development and wellbeing. Her interest in yoga, mindfulness and meditation is well-known to colleagues and she thrives on other people’s energy and determination. “I get an opportunity to come to work every day and really reflect on where I am at. That’s the thing I see constantly here at Pitcher Partners. It’s a constant commitment to building yourself. I love that we have such high standards and that we are always stretching to reach them.”

Today, Kumbi still has that piece of paper recording the first words she spoke to a Pitcher Partners receptionist. It is a reminder of her tenacity, a testament to the power of never giving up on your dreams, and a symbol of just how far she has come.

Pitcher Partners is made up of a broad range of people from diverse beginnings. Meet all of our career ambassadors and read their personal journeys of success here.

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