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29th May 2020

A Bill containing amendments to the hybrid mismatch rules is set to resolve significant issues that...


24th June 2020

Understanding the definition of 'income' for trusts has always been important. However, for this 30 June 2020, it's more critical than...


6th July 2020

Australia’s aged care sector has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic well, despite some headlines to the contrary. While this doesn’t make the deaths of...


16th April 2020

Access the latest news and updates relating to COVID-19 and the support to you and your business.



The effect of corporate tax rate changes on year-end tax planning

18th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

For companies that are base rate entities, the corporate tax rate is set to fall from 27.5% to 26% in the 2020-21 financial year and 25% in the 2021-...

Maintaining effective healthcare procurement practices throughout and beyond COVID-19

17th June 2020

Daniel Byrne

In a recent webinar co-hosted with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), who represent finance managers working in public and...

Year-end taxation and reporting for managed funds

11th June 2020

Alexis Kokkinos

As 30 June approaches, it is critical for responsible entities, trustees and fund managers to turn immediate attention to taxation, investor...

The Export Markets Development Grant - government financial assistance program

10th June 2020

Maria Paradisis

Eligible Australian businesses can claim up to 50% of expenses on approved overseas promotions of their Australian products or services under the...

Helping your business in uncertain times

10th June 2020

John Gavljak

You have managed to stabilise your business, you can finally lift your head above the sand. But what is next? Is your business set up to take...


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