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18th September 2018

Consultation on proposed changes to financial reporting for not for profit (NFP) entities is open...


13th September 2018

The Australian Taxation Office has recently removed from its website legal database the edited text of a private ruling regarding the investment of...


16th August 2018

Renewed interest from the United States and Canada has helped propel the Australian M&A sector to a strong first half.


17th September 2018

The Australian Business Register will cease displaying unregistered trading names from 1 November. In order to keep displaying these trading names,...



Pitcher Partners Top 500

12th September 2018


Pitcher Partners is proud to be recognised among the IBISWorld Australia Top 500 Private Companies list, ranked by revenue.

Boosting Business in Melbourne

12th September 2018


Pitcher Partners co-sponsored the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s successful Business After Dark event, with the Melbourne Convention...

Proposed R&D rules are outdated and will hold Australia back

12th September 2018

Alexis Kokkinos

Draft R&D legislation was released recently for comment, providing for a new "R&D intensity" threshold. We have submitted to...

There’s a cyber breach every 1.8 seconds. Are you next?

6th September 2018

Rob McKie

Did you know, on average there is a cybersecurity breach in Australia every 1.8 seconds[1]. Whether malicious in nature or accidental, the most...

What’s the fuss about cybersecurity?

6th September 2018

Rob McKie

Thousands of Australian business are subject to cybersecurity breaches and crimes each year, with threats growing and evolving daily.


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@PitcherPartner CHANGES FOR CHARITIES & NFPs |There are proposed changes to financial reporting for NFPs, requiring more complex ge…